4 thoughts on “Dances of the Winds

  1. Something happens when i try to “like” your posts, unless I’m in the WP reader. Not sure what’s up. Very cool image Mo, I can’t get over how prolific you are. The world needs your beauty – shine on sister!!

    • Hi, Deb – been really slack replying to WP comments. I’ve found difficulties with making comments too so have no idea why. But thanks for your kind comments, what I’m actually doing is loading back artwork as I decided I really needed to have a page dedicated to my digital art, get it all into one place. But since I had that experience of earth healing, it’s like it’s opened new channels of creativity for me!

      • No worries about the replies you’ve been/are going through a lot! I AM so happy to hear that you are on fire with creativity, it can be a saving grace, can’t it? Keep going, yeah!

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